1. Investors have to buy Club Membership by paying Non-Refundable
    the membership fee of Rs. 1,00,000/- to 1 Crore.
  2. Club Members can appoint many other members.

Retrun On Investment.

  1. Club members will get 20% minimum Guaranteed Income on total
    Membership Fee Per Annum until 60 Months.
  2. A club member will get 5% one-time incentive of member’s fee if they
    appoint any other members of the company.
  3. Club Members will get 5% Extra Discount if they Shop From Qkart

Calculation of Income for Franchise Store:-

  1. If every day (100) customers order Grocery products through Home delivery service of
    minimum Rs.300/ per day. Then it will be 100 Customer X 300 Rs. Purchase order.
    Than per day sale will be = 3 0, 0 0 0 Rs. I day
  2. And there will be (50) customer visiting the stores every day for direct purchasing of
    Grocery, bakery, dairy, stationary, etc. of a minimum Rs. 500 per day than the sale from the store
    will be 50 Customers X 500 Rs. purchase.
    Than per day sale will be:- 25,000 Rs.
    A. 30,000 Rs.+ B. 25,000 Rs. =55,000/day.
    Than monthly sale =55,000 sa l e X 30 Days. Than sale of the month =16,50,000/month
    Condition Apply – this is only a projection of sales*